Is Notepad++ a commonly used IDE for C and C++ in Windows? What other IDE do SW developers use?

The most important thing you should be doing on your interview day is staying present and being there in person. The admissions committees want to make sure you are going to be a physician who’s going to be present with their loved ones. When you have an opportunity outside of those presentations and outside of the interview, take notes or jot down some information you think is important and move forward. But at some point during interview day, look over that list before you get in front of the admissions committee. Basically, when your interviewer is first introducing him/herself / telling his/her story do you take notes?

  • The good thing is, unlike in previous Windows versions, you can fix the problem with just a few clicks.
  • They wanted to see if my notes were well organized or chicken-scratch ramblings of a mad-man.
  • Newer Notepad++ plugins save their settings within Notepad++\plugins\config.
  • Notepad++ Plugins adds some essential functionality to the basic version of Notepad++.

We’ll start by covering what a technical interview entails. Then, we’ll get into what you can expect during a technical interview in each stage of the process and what you can do to stand out. And we’ll wrap up with tips on preparing for a technical interview . Bring a pen and paper, and a copy of your CV and application to refer back to. It’s okay to prompt yourself with notes so long as you’re not staring at your notepad.


Colors for syntax highlighting are easily customizable. Another positive thing about Sublime Text is that it’s cross-platform. You can use it in all major operating systems including Macintosh, Windows and Linux. Once you have purchased a license, no separate licenses are required. All the theme definitions in Sublime Text are saved in the Jason format.

Reading off a note sheet could result in sending the wrong message. You certainly don’t want to come off as stiff, robotic, or boring. Details and data on the company that is of interest to the job you are interviewing for. On the other hand, I’d never brought actual “notes”– for my own use– to an interview. Make sure the presentation related to the notes is neat and professional. For example, use a leather padfolio and a nice pen rather than a dog-eared folder to carry your notes and chewed-up Bic pen to take notes.

Using the Windows Menu

Find the single carriage return / line feed, followed by 1 or 2 digit number, followed by period, followed by space, following by single character. The other reason the tables are not exhaustive is that I wanted them to serve as a quick introduction to regex. If you are a complete beginner, you should get a firm grasp of basic regex syntax just by reading the examples in the tables.

The Julia Programming Language

This saves the script used to compile Java programs. This is the text you need to use to fill in the blank new system variable at the bottom. This creates a new environment variable that allows NotePad++ to access the “bin” folder. This creates a new blank environment variable at the bottom.

There is no preview pane, it is only available for microsoft, and it has been unstable at times. Right from GUI, easy of use, Integration/collaborations with other tools. If you saved each of these as separate setups, you can easily switch the program running the script from the dropdown menu. Remember to press F6 as a shortcut to bring up the execute window.