Situated in Kissavos mountain, Megalovryso is just 10 minutes from Agia ,30 minutes from Larisa and 30 minutes from the beach. Thessaloniki town and airport( Thessaloniki airport works all year around ) is about 2 hours driving and Volos town and airport (Volos airport works only summer period )is about an hour driving. You can reach Megalovryso by car.

In any season Megalovryso is perfect for holidays away from the town. You can enjoy hiking along the mountain ,taking the foot path that connect Agia with Megalovryso which offers superb views to the sea and mountain. You can ride a bike around the mountain and explore the nature. In a close distance there are the quaint villages Metaxohori, Anatoli and Melivoia that you can enjoy authentic traditional food.

Megalovryso known before 1927 as ‘Nivoliani’.The oldest name means “heavenly city”, while the new Greek name is a reference to the abundant water flowing 25 springs (most of them now don’t have water). Τhe other “heavenly” characteristic of the village is justified by the view of the visitor when he turns his gaze upwards ”the village is so high that it almost touches the sky”.